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Related article: Girl screaming in the night, and then, in retrospect, set fire to the house. It was not a sure thing for Joe to fall into temptation, was unopposed all. A police officer finally intervened and took him in Buy Colospa hand. The Portagee sighed happy. I was back home. [ 57] After a short study in which it condemned juryless thirty days, Joe was in the luxurious leather bed and slept heavily for a tenth of the his sentence. The jail Portagee like Monterey. It was a place to meet people. If stayed there long enough, all his friends in and out. He spent the time fast. I was a little sad when he had to go, but his sadness was tempered n with the knowledge that it was very easy to return. I would like to enter the hole again, but had no money and no wine. combing the streets of his old friends, Danny and Pilon and Paul, and could not find. The sergeant said he had not reserved for a long time. " You have to be dead," said Portagee. emigrated to Torrelli is sad, but Torrelli was not a man who had neither money nor friendly Bartered property, Big Joe and gave him comfort, but said Torrelli, that Danny had a house in Tortilla Flat hereditary, and that all his friends lived there with him. affection and desire to see his friends came to Big Joe. At night it was emigrated to find Danny and Pilon Tortilla Flat. It was dusk when n walking down the street, and the way he met Pilon, divided by a s a professional manner. " Ai, Pilon. I just came to see you. " " Hello, Joe Portagee. " Pilon was abrupt. "Where have you been? " "in the army," said Joe. Pilon was not with his thoughts on the meeting. "I have to keep going. " "I will go with you," said Joe. Pilon stopped and questioned him. " Do not you remember what the night is," he said. " No, what is it? " "This is Saint -André Eve. " After Portagee was known to almostt, if every citizen, who was not in jail roamed restlessly through the woods. This was the night when all weak buried treasure sent a phosphorescent glow through the soil. because was too treasure in the forest. Monterey was often appearing in 200 years, and all valuables were hidden time on earth. [ 58] The night was clear. Pilon had left his hardcover diary, as he had done from time to time. He was the idealist this evening, the giver of gifts. This night, He was engaged in a mission of kindness. " You can come to me, Big Joe Portagee, but if you find any treasure, I have n to decide what to do with him. If you disagree, you can go to see a your own treasure " Big Joe was not an expert, leads his own effort. "I will go with you, Pilon," he said. " I do not mind the treasure. " The night came, they entered the forest. His feet are beds pine. Pilon now know for a perfect night. The fog covered the sky high , and behind the moon, so the woods were full of light as a gauze. There was no sharp lines, which we call reality. The trunks of the trees were not black columns of wood, but soft and empty shadows. The patches were desolate, brush shift light on the bizarre. Ghosts N can go free tonight without fear of unbelief of the people, to This night was haunted by what would be a callous people who do not know it. From time to Pilon and Big Joe went on to other search engines that roamed restlessly zig -zag through the pines. Their heads were down, and moved in silence and There was no greeting. Who could tell if they were all really alive ? Joe Pilon and knew that some were shadows of older people who had spilled,